Creating Life-Changing Opportunities for Women and Children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About Us

EWEF's Founder - Anne 


The Ethiopian Women's Empowerment Fund grew from a seed planted in my heart when I traveled with my daughter to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2007 as part of her family's adoption process. Motherhood has always been the central focus of my life. Knowing that my grandchildren had living family who simply could not care for them, and imagining the heartbreak of both mother and child, moved me deeply, and called me to act. Preventing other mothers from having to make the terrible choice to abandon a child in order to save their life has become my life's mission. While I can no longer continue to run EWEF because of chronic health issues, I am looking forward to partnering with Women Equipped in the future.


EWEF's Co-Founder - Jennifer

Since 2008, I have been working with my mother to establish an ongoing project in Addis Ababa to promote self-sufficiency and opportunity for women in Ethiopia. My journey as a mother has made me so aware of the opportunities afforded to me, simply because of when and where I was born. I believe all women deserve the rights and opportunties I have. I seek to support women in other parts of the world to achieve their goals, and also to work towards family preservation - keeping mothers and children together, whenever it is possible. I am grateful for the experience of working and growing with EWEF, and very excited to be heading up Women Equipped as the next part of my journey.


EWEF's In-Country Program Director - Waini

Waini is a registered nurse and the mother of six adult children (two are sadly deceased). She has lived in Addis Ababa for nearly 40 years, and has worked with several non-profit organizations, educating women about vaccinations, childbirth, sanitation, and nutrition, among other things. Because of her professional and personal experiences, as well as her boundless compassion and generosity, she has been an invaluable resource for understanding the real needs of women in Ethiopia. She has been the face of EWEF in Addis Ababa. Women Equipped is incredibly grateful to have her joining our team.